Placing a Quiz into an HTML Section of Your Site

Here is a tutorial on how to add a quiz to your website:

  1. On your Quizell account, go to the quiz you want to embed.

  2. Click on the "Embed" button.

  3. You will have two options for sharing your quiz:

  • Share your quiz: You can send a link, or share it on any social media platform. You can also generate a QR code to share the quiz.

  • Embed it on your website: Choose your preferred method of embedding from the list, and customize the size and design. Copy the code, and paste it into any HTML section of your website where you want the quiz to appear.

  1. Now your customers can take the quiz directly on your website. We recommend using the same width and height for the embed and in the quiz creation process to ensure that the quiz fits properly on your site.


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