Personalizing Your Quiz with User Names and Emails

Do you want to make your quiz more personalized and engaging for your users? With just a few simple steps, you can add their names and emails to the quiz questions and results page.

Step 1: Add Name and Email Fields on the Lead Page

Before you can use the special tags to personalize your quiz, you need to make sure that you have fields for the user to enter their name and email. This can be done on the lead page, where the user starts the quiz. Simply add two fields for the user to enter their name and email.

Step 2: Use Special Tags in the Quiz Questions and Results Page

Once the user has entered their name and email, you can use the special tags "%name%" and "%email%" to personalize the quiz. These tags can be included in the quiz questions, as well as on the results page. Any text that includes these tags will be automatically updated with the user's information when they take the quiz.

For example, you could include the following question in your quiz: "How did %name% do on the quiz?" The tag will be replaced with the user's name, creating a personalized question for each user.

Step 3: Display Name and Email on the Results Page

Finally, you can display the user's name and email on the results page. This can be done by using the special tags "%name%" and "%email%" in any text field on the result page. This can include headings, paragraphs, or even buttons.

For example, you might have a heading on the result page that says:

Congratulations, %name% %email% !