How to Embed your Product Recommendation Quiz on your Bigcommerce Store

  1. Log in to your Bigcommerce store and navigate to the "channel manager" section of the dashboard.

  2. Click on the "edit theme"

3. Create a new page for your quiz by clicking on the "Pages" option and then selecting "Add a Page." Give your page a name and make sure it is set to "Visible" so that customers can access it.

4. Once the new page is created, navigate to it in the theme editor. In the "Content" section, click on the "Add a new element" button and select "HTML."

5. Copy the embedded HTML code from your Quizell account and paste it into the HTML element you just created. Make sure to save your changes.


* To ensure that the quiz is displayed in the correct size on your website, you may want to adjust the padding around the HTML element. To do this, navigate to the "Styles" section of the theme editor and find the CSS code that controls the padding. You can adjust the padding values as needed to keep the quiz at its original size.


* After making your adjustments, make sure to save your changes and preview your quiz page to ensure that it is displayed correctly on your website.

Note: If you are not comfortable with editing your site's HTML/CSS, we recommend consulting with a web developer or Bigcommerce expert to help you with this process.