How to Connect and Verify Your Email with Our System

Before diving into the personalized email campaigns, the first essential step is to connect and verify your email with our system. This not only ensures a secure pathway but also enables a seamless communication bridge between your brand and your audience.


  1. Locate the Section:

    • Log in and navigate to the left menu.
    • Click on "Emails". A dropdown will appear.
    • Select "Sender Details" from the dropdown.
      Email sender on quizell

  2. Add Your Details:

    • Enter the email address you'd like to connect.
    • Provide additional required information, including your address.

  3. Verify Your Email:

    • After entering your details, you'll receive a verification link in your inbox.
    • Click on the link to complete the verification process.

  4. Refresh and Confirm:

    • Head back to the "Sender Details" section.
    • Click on the refresh button.
    • Ensure that the status updates to "Verified" or a similar confirmation status.

Your email is now connected and verified, setting the foundation for targeted and personalized email campaigns. Next, segment your customers and let the engagement begin!