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Integrating Your Quiz or Form into Your BigCommerce Website



Integrating a Quizell quiz into your BigCommerce site is a great way to engage visitors and collect valuable data. This straightforward process involves embedding your quiz into your website using HTML. Follow this guide to add an interactive Quizell quiz to your BigCommerce site.

Step-by-Step Guide

Access the Share Section in Quizell

Select Your Quiz

  • In the Quizell app, choose the quiz you want to embed.

Navigate to Share

  • Go to the ‘Share’ section of the quiz to access embedding options.

Copy the Embed Code

Embed Options

  • Click on one of the embed options provided in the Share section.

Copy Code

  • Press ‘Get the code’ followed by ‘Copy Code’ to copy the HTML embed code to your clipboard.

Design Your Page in BigCommerce

Open Page Builder

  • Log in to your BigCommerce site and navigate to the page where you want to add the quiz.

Edit Page

  • Click on the ‘Design this page in Page Builder’ button, typically located in the top right corner of the screen.

Add the HTML Box and Embed the Quiz

Add HTML Box

  • In the Page Builder, add a new HTML box to the desired location on your page.

Paste HTML Code

  • Paste the copied HTML code from Quizell into the HTML box.

Save Changes

  • Click the ‘Save HTML’ button to embed the quiz on your page.


You've successfully embedded your Quizell quiz onto your BigCommerce site! This addition can significantly enhance user engagement and provide valuable insights from customer interactions. Your visitors can now enjoy a seamless quiz experience as part of their browsing.

Tips for Maximizing Impact

Test the Quiz

  • After embedding, test the quiz on your website to ensure it functions correctly and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Promote Your Quiz

  • Consider promoting your newly embedded quiz through social media or email newsletters to drive traffic to your site.
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