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Automate email marketing and enhance customer segmentation using quiz data.


Sync quiz responses to create personalized email campaigns and improve engagement.


Transfer quiz data to HubSpot CRM to enhance customer profiles and streamline marketing efforts.


Automate email and SMS campaigns with personalized content based on quiz responses.

Display product reviews on your quiz result page to increase trust and conversion rates.

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Collect payments directly within the quiz flow, supporting both subscriptions and one-time payments.


Transfer quiz leads directly as affiliates to boost your referral marketing efforts.


Automate data transfer and connect your quizzes with over 200 apps for streamlined workflows.


Access a vast stock of high-quality images and add them directly to your quizzes.


Sync your product catalog with Quizell for enhanced product recommendations.


Integrate with over 5,000 apps to automate workflows and enhance data transfer capabilities.


Automate email marketing and improve customer segmentation using detailed quiz insights.

Case Study


ELTH helps beauty brands and professionals connect customers with vetted products on one platform.

Project Goals
Project Goals
  • Use a multi-channel marketing solution to reduce TCO.
  • Control graphic design for the beauty industry's branding needs.
  • Reduce bounce rate and increase revenues with an easy-to-use workflow.
  • Integrate reviews to build brand trust.
  • ESP:
  • Loyalty:
  • Website store: :
  • Reviews system:


Beauty businesses became real customers.


Quiz completion rate.


20% conversion rate


Repeat quiz takers.

Sándor Lázár
Co-founder @Elth

When our business encountered a unique challenge that required the implementation of custom quiz features, we found that...


Learn how our service can help you skyrocket your sales


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