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How to Create Open Questions


Open-ended questions are a great way to gather detailed feedback or insights from quiz participants. Unlike multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions allow respondents to express their thoughts freely. Follow these steps to add an open-ended question to your Quizell quiz.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Open the Quiz Editor

  • Log In: Access your Quizell account and locate the quiz you wish to edit.
  • Quiz Editor: Open the quiz editor to begin making changes to your quiz.

Step 2: Add a New Lead Page

  • Navigate to Button Menu: Look for the '+ button' on the bottom right menu within the quiz editor.
  • Select Lead Page: Click on the '+ button' and choose 'Lead Page' from the available options. This will add a new lead page to your quiz.

Step 3: Add a New Lead Input

  • Access Lead Inputs: On the new lead page, find the options for lead inputs on the left side of the editor.
  • Drag Lead Input: Select and drag a new lead input onto your lead page. This will serve as the field where participants can enter their open-ended responses.


Step 4: Configure the Input Type

  • Select Input Type: Click on the newly added lead input to edit its properties.
  • Input Type: Choose the appropriate type for your open-ended question. Typically, a 'Text' input type works well for open-ended responses.

Step 5: Customize Your Question

  • Design Your Question: Customize the appearance of the lead input to match your quiz's theme and style. You can adjust fonts, colors, placeholder text, and more to make the question visually appealing and clear to participants.


You've successfully added an open-ended question to your Quizell quiz. This type of question can provide valuable qualitative insights, making your quiz a more versatile and informative tool for both you and your participants.

Additional Tips:

  • Clear Instructions: Ensure the instructions for the open-ended question are clear, so participants know how to respond effectively.
  • Test Your Quiz: Always preview and test your quiz to ensure the open-ended question appears and functions as expected.
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