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Crafting the Perfect Email Flow: Time Delays and Sending Emails

Crafting an effective email flow is vital for ensuring timely and relevant communication with your segmented customers. Let’s delve into the process, from designing your emails to setting the flow in motion.


  1. Design Your Emails:

    • Before diving into the flow, you need to design your emails.
    • Navigate to the left menu and select "Templates."
    • Craft and finalize all your email designs here, ensuring they're ready for integration into the flow.

  2. Start with the Trigger:

    • Upon navigating to 'Create Flow', the first step is to set the trigger.
    • Pick the segment you've created as the trigger, which will determine when the flow starts.

  3. Set Up Time Delays:

    • Decide on the interval between different emails or actions within your flow.

  4. Utilize the Email Editor:

    • As you've already designed your emails, you can now integrate them into the flow.
    • Use the editor to insert and tweak your templates as necessary.

  5. Align Emails with Segments:

    • Ensure the right email sequences align with the appropriate customer segments.

  6. Save and Launch:

    • After ensuring the flow is structured to your satisfaction, save your settings.
    • Launch the flow to begin the email sequences.

With your email flow meticulously crafted and set in motion, you're equipped to engage your customers in a timely, relevant, and personalized manner. Dive in and witness the transformation in your digital communication!

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