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How to Customize the Thank You Page in Quizell


The Thank You Page in Quizell is a versatile feature designed to enhance user experience after they complete a quiz or form. It serves two main purposes:

  1. When No Product is Recommended: If the product recommendation quiz doesn't find a suitable product, you can thank the user for taking the quiz and inform them that no products were found. Adding a "Restart Quiz" button is also recommended.
  2. After Form Submission: When users complete a form, you can use the Thank You Page to express gratitude for their responses.

Scenarios for Using the Thank You Page

1. No Product Recommendation

  • Message: "Thank you for taking the quiz! Unfortunately, we couldn't find a product recommendation for you at this time."
  • Action: Include a "Restart Quiz" button to encourage users to try the quiz again with different inputs.

2. Form Submission

  • Message: "Thank you for answering the form! Your responses have been received."
  • Action: No additional action needed unless you want to redirect users or provide further instructions.

Customizing the Thank You Page

The Thank You Page is fully customizable. You can update it from the Quizell quiz editor with the following steps:

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Access the Quiz Editor

    • Log into your Quizell account and open the quiz you want to modify.
  • Navigate to the Result Page

    • In the quiz editor, go to the result page.
  • Customize the Thank You Page

    • Click on the "Thank You Page" option to start customizing it.
    • Add your desired messages, buttons, and any other elements to make the Thank You Page fit your needs.

Using Jump Logic to Redirect Users

You can also redirect users to the Thank You Page using jump logic based on their answers. This allows for a more tailored experience by directing users to a customized Thank You Page if they select specific answers. For more details on how to use jump logic, please refer to our Jump Logic article.


Using the Thank You Page effectively can enhance the user experience by providing closure and further actions after completing a quiz or form. Whether you're informing users about the lack of recommendations or thanking them for their responses, customizing this page ensures a positive and engaging end to their interaction with your content.

Additional Tips

  • Keep the Message Clear and Positive: Ensure the thank you message is clear and maintains a positive tone, even when no product recommendations are found.
  • Utilize Call-to-Actions: Adding buttons like "Restart Quiz" or "Return to Home" can keep users engaged and guide them on their next steps.
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