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How to Use Data from Questions in Text Field


Quizell allows you to personalize your quizzes by using data from user responses or details on any subsequent page in the quiz flow. This guide will show you how to insert personalized data such as name, phone number, email, or previous question answers into any text field within the quiz editor. Additionally, you can add a result link on the result page for users to save and revisit their quiz results.

Step-by-Step Guide

Access the Quiz Editor

Log In to Your Quizell Account

  • Sign into your Quizell account and open the quiz you want to customize.

Open the Quiz Editor

  • Navigate to the quiz editor from your dashboard.

Add Personalized Data

Select a Text Field

  • Click on any text field within the quiz editor where you want to insert personalized data.

Open Personalization Tab

  • Look for the personalization tab next to the text field. Clicking this will open a dropdown menu with various options.

Choose Personalization Options

  • The dropdown will display options such as name, phone number, email, previous question answers, and result links. Select the appropriate option to insert it into the text field.


Add a Result Link

Access the Result Page

  • Navigate to the result page within the quiz editor.

Insert Result Link

  • Use the personalization tab to add the result link to the result page. This allows users to copy the link and revisit their quiz results anytime.

Example of Usage

Greeting with Name

  • You can personalize a greeting message by selecting the 'Name' option. For instance, "Hey %name%, let’s get started."

Using Quiz Answers

  • If you want to refer to a previous answer, such as skin type, you can select the answer from the dropdown. For example, "Based on your skin type (%skin_type%), we recommend the following products."

Saving Results

  • Add a result link on the result page so users can save their results for later. For example, "Copy this link to revisit your quiz results: %result_link%."


Using the personalization feature in Quizell allows you to create a more engaging and customized quiz experience for your users. By referring to their name, email, phone number, previous answers, or providing a result link, you can make each interaction feel tailored and personal.

Additional Tips

Keep it Relevant

  • Ensure that the personalized data you use is relevant to the context of the page.

Test Your Quiz

  • Always preview your quiz to ensure that the personalized data is displaying correctly and enhancing the user experience.


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