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Integrating WooCommerce with Quizell for Seamless Product Sync



Connecting your WooCommerce store to Quizell enhances your quiz capabilities by allowing direct product synchronization. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating an API key in WooCommerce and connecting it to your Quizell account.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Generate API Key in WooCommerce

  • Access WooCommerce Settings: Log into your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to the left menu, and click on 'WooCommerce'. Then, go to 'Settings'.
  • Advanced Settings: Click on the 'Advanced' tab, then select 'REST API'.
  • Add Key: Click on 'Add Key'. This will allow you to generate a new API key.
  • Key Details: Assign a descriptive name to your key under 'Key Name' and ensure the permissions are set to 'Read/Write' for full access.
  • Generate: Click on 'Generate API Key' to create your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

Wocommerce and Quizel

Step 2: Connect WooCommerce to Quizell

  • Open Quizell Integration: Log in to your Quizell account and navigate to the 'Integrations' section.
  • Select WooCommerce: Choose 'WooCommerce' from the list of integrations.
  • Enter Store Details: Paste your WooCommerce store URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret in the respective fields.

Step 3: Sync Products to Quizell

  • Navigate to Products: In Quizell, go to the 'Products' section.
  • Import from WooCommerce: Select the option to 'Import from WooCommerce'. This will sync your WooCommerce products with Quizell.


You have successfully connected your WooCommerce store to Quizell. Your products can now be directly synchronized, streamlining the process of creating product-matched quizzes that reflect your current inventory.

Tips for a Smooth Integration:

  • Regularly Update API Details: Keep your API details up-to-date in Quizell to ensure continuous synchronization.
  • Check Product Sync: After importing, verify that all desired products are correctly synced and displayed within Quizell.
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