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How to connect Klaviyo to your quizell account

You can now integrate Klaviyo with Quizell and increase your mailing list instantly!🎉 
This is an easy way to manage all of your mailing lists in one place and keep track of all activities associated with them!  

Manage your campaigns from one place. sync leads and subscribers and get notifications and statistics on campaigns you sent. 

Getting your leads into Klaviyo

Step 1

To add an integration, navigate to the quiz you want to connect and click on the "connect" button that is located in the top center of your screen.  

Find the "Klaviyo” integration, and click on the setting icon.


Step 2

Add the “API KEY” from your Klaviyo account (check step 3 how to find it)


Hot to find your "API KEY" on Klaviyo

Open a new tab, and login to your Klaviyo account.

  • Go to “account” at Klaviyo - You can also click here
  • Click on “Setting” and then “API keys”.
  • If you already have API key, you can use it. If you don’t have one yet, create new Key.
  • Show and Copy and API key, then paste it on your Quizell account (step 2).


Klaviyo Quizell

Hot to find your "list id" on Klaviyo

  • Go to “Lists & Segments” at Klaviyo - You can also click here
  • Choose the list you want the leads to pass to, or create a new list
  • Copy the List ID from the url
  • Paste the list id on your Quizell account (step 2)

    Now click Connect, and make sure that the toggle is on.


Yay! You have successfully connected your account to Klaviyo. Now your leads will be added to your list you choose at Klaviyo account! 🎉


Need more assistance?

We can create custom integrations, We also have an option for paid assistance through our network of certified Quizell partners. If you're interested, please take this short quiz and someone will contact you shortly!

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