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Integrating Quizell Product Quizzes with Your Webflow Site


Adding a Quizell quiz to your Webflow website can greatly enhance user interaction and provide valuable insights into your visitors' preferences. Whether your quiz is ready to go or you're just getting started, follow these simple steps to integrate seamlessly using the Quizell Webflow app.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Install the Quizell App

Step 2: Prepare Your Webflow Site

  • Add a Div Block: Log in to your Webflow editor and open the project where you want to include the quiz.
  • Insert Quizell app to the Div Block: Drag and drop a div block onto your page. This block will serve as the container for your quiz.

Step 3: Configure the Quizell App

  • Access App Options: In the Webflow editor’s left menu, select the Quizell app to open its configuration options.
  • Embed Your Quiz:
    • If you already have a quiz link, paste it into the app’s designated field to embed the quiz in the previously added div block.
    • If you don’t have a quiz yet or need to create an account, sign up on Quizell and follow the steps to build your quiz.


You have now successfully integrated a Quizell quiz into your Webflow website. This interactive element is ready to engage your visitors and gather useful data to enhance their experience and your understanding of their needs.

Additional Tips:

  • Customization: Customize the div block's appearance in Webflow to match your site’s design, ensuring the quiz feels like an integral part of your page.
  • Testing: Preview your Webflow site to test the quiz’s functionality before going live to ensure everything is working as expected.
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