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Customizing Your Quiz Loader in Quizell


Enhancing the user experience of your quiz can start even before the first question is displayed – with a custom quiz loader. Quizell offers the flexibility to either customize pre-built loaders or to upload your own for a more branded experience. This article guides you through the process of changing your quiz loader.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Access Quiz Editor

  • Open Quiz Editor: Log in to your Quizell account and open the quiz you want to edit.
  • Configuration Tab: Click on the 'Configuration' tab to access various settings for your quiz.

Step 2: Navigate to Quiz Loader Settings

  • Loader Settings: In the left menu within the Configuration tab, find and click on 'Quiz Loader'.
  • This section is dedicated to modifying the appearance of your quiz's loading screen.

Step 3: Customize or Upload Loader

  • Choose a Pre-Built Loader: Browse through the available pre-built loaders and select one that aligns with your quiz theme.
  • Customization: Adjust the color, size, or other attributes of the selected loader to match your branding.
  • Upload Custom Loader: If the pre-built options don’t meet your needs, you can upload your custom loader. Simply click on the option to upload and select your custom loader image or animation.

Step 4: Save and Generate Link

  • Apply Changes: Once you've customized or uploaded your loader, the changes will be saved automatically.
  • New Loader Link: Quizell will generate a new link for your quiz that includes the updated loader.


A custom quiz loader not only adds a professional touch to your quiz but also keeps users engaged right from the start. With Quizell’s easy-to-use editor, you can ensure that every aspect of your quiz reflects your brand's style and personality.

Additional Tips:

  • Preview Your Loader: It's always good practice to preview your quiz to see how the new loader looks and functions.
  • Keep Brand Consistency: Ensure that your custom loader is consistent with your overall brand imagery for a cohesive user experience.
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