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Personalizing Quizzes & Forms with UTM Parameters


UTM parameters are essential tools for tracking user engagement and personalizing online quizzes. By appending these parameters to your quiz URLs, you can collect valuable insights about your users. This practice not only enhances their quiz experiences but also boosts the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.


Using UTM Parameters: Practical Examples

UTM parameters can be strategically used to enhance both marketing efforts and user experience. For instance, in newsletters where you already have the recipient's name and email, these details can be pre-filled in the quiz to streamline the process. Additionally, utilizing distinct UTM parameters for links shared on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and your own website allows for tracking the origin of each participant. This approach offers valuable insights into the most effective platforms for engaging your audience.


  • Q: How many UTM parameters can I use in a single URL?

    • A: While there's no strict limit, it's recommended to use only those parameters necessary for your tracking and personalization needs. This keeps URLs manageable and user-friendly.
  • Q: Are UTM parameters case-sensitive?

    • A: Yes, UTM parameters are case-sensitive. Maintaining consistency in casing is crucial for accurate data tracking and analysis.


Utilizing UTM parameters effectively can significantly enhance your quiz marketing efforts. They provide a personalized experience for users and deliver valuable data for refining your marketing strategies. UTM parameters are a powerful asset in understanding and improving user engagement with your content.

Additional Resources

For more in-depth information on UTM parameters and best practices, consider visiting online marketing resources, such as Google Analytics. These platforms offer comprehensive guides and tips to maximize the use of UTM parameters in your marketing initiatives.

UTM Parameters

UTM Parameters for Personalization

Parameter Description Example Implementation
utm_full_name User's full name for personalized greetings. ?utm_full_name=John+Doe
utm_email User's email address for follow-ups or results. &utm_email=john.doe@example.com
utm_phone_number User's phone number for contact. &utm_phone_number=1234567890
utm_website User's or organization's website URL. &utm_website=https%3A%2F%2Fexample.com
utm_organisation Name of the user's organization. &utm_organisation=ExampleCorp
utm_checkbox Indicates if the user accepts marketing. &utm_checkbox=true
utm_custominput Any custom input, matched to the name of the custom field in your editor. &utm_custominput=specificValue
selectedLoader Custom quiz loader type and color. &selectedLoader=WavesLoader&selectedLoaderColor=%234D1B7E
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