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Adding Custom JavaScript to Enhance Your Quizell Quizzes


Enhance the functionality and interactivity of your Quizell quizzes by adding custom JavaScript to any page. Whether you want to integrate third-party services, add complex interactions, or customize the user experience further, this new feature in the Quizell quiz editor makes it straightforward. Follow these steps to implement JavaScript into your quiz.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Access the Quiz Editor

  • Log In and Open Editor: Sign into your Quizell account and open the quiz you want to modify.
  • Navigate to the Editor: Use the quiz dashboard to access the quiz editor where you can make changes to your quiz.

Step 2: Locate the Script Element

  • Find the Script Option: In the quiz editor, look for the 'Script' element in the left-hand menu. This is where you can add custom JavaScript.
  • Add Script Element: Click on the 'Script' icon or tab to proceed with adding your code.

Step 3: Add Your JavaScript

  • Enter JavaScript Code: In the Script element interface, you will find a text box or code editor where you can type or paste your JavaScript code.
  • Customize for Page: You can add scripts that affect the entire quiz or target specific pages depending on your needs.

Step 4: Save and Test

  • Save Changes: Make sure to save your changes after adding your JavaScript code. Look for a save icon or button within the editor to ensure your script is stored correctly.
  • Preview Your Quiz: It is crucial to preview your quiz to see how the JavaScript works in real-time. This step helps identify any issues or bugs in the script before your quiz goes live.


You have successfully added custom JavaScript to your Quizell quiz. This advanced customization allows for a more dynamic and personalized quiz experience, setting your content apart from others. Continue to experiment with different scripts to see what works best for engaging your audience and enhancing quiz interactions.

Additional Tips:

  • Debug Thoroughly: Always thoroughly test and debug your JavaScript to prevent any disruptions in the quiz flow.
  • Consider User Experience: Ensure that any scripts added enhance the user experience and do not distract or detract from the main quiz objectives.
  • Keep Scripts Lightweight: To maintain fast load times and a smooth user experience, try to keep your JavaScript clean and minimal.
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