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Enhancing Product Recommendations with Quizell’s Master Question Feature


In the realm of personalized e-commerce, accurately matching products to customer preferences is key. Quizell’s Master Question feature offers a refined approach to ensuring that your product recommendations are as precise as possible. This article will guide you through using the Master Question feature to improve the relevance of your product suggestions.

How the Master Question Feature Works:

The Master Question feature in Quizell allows you to prioritize specific questions in your quiz. When enabled, only products that align with the selected answers to these questions will be recommended. This ensures a more tailored and accurate match between customer preferences and your product offerings.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Select the Relevant Question

  • Identify Key Questions: In your quiz, pinpoint the question(s) that are most crucial for product recommendation.
  • Master Question Check: Turn on the Master question check for this question to prioritize its answers in the recommendation algorithm.

Step 2: Enable Master Question

  • Activate Feature: Once you’ve identified the Master question, enable the feature. This will ensure that only products matching the selected answer options are displayed to the customers.

Step 3: Balance Your Use of Master Questions

  • Consider Your Product Range: If your product range is limited, be cautious with the frequency of using Master Questions. Overuse can lead to customers encountering a 'no results' page.
  • Strategic Use: Apply the Master Question feature mainly to questions that are highly relevant to narrowing down the product options.


Using the Master Question feature effectively can significantly enhance the accuracy of your product recommendations, leading to a more satisfying customer experience. However, it’s important to balance its use, especially for quizzes linked to a smaller product catalog, to avoid limiting the options presented to customers.

Additional Tips:

  • Regular Review: Periodically review the performance of your quizzes with the Master Question feature enabled to ensure it aligns with your product recommendation goals.
  • Feedback Loop: Be open to customer feedback regarding the quiz experience and the relevance of product recommendations.
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