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Recommendations with Quizell’s Product Score Feature


Quizell's Product Score feature offers a more nuanced approach to matching products with quiz answers, allowing for a higher degree of accuracy in recommendations. Unlike the standard one-point-per-match system, this feature enables assigning custom point values to products for each quiz answer. Follow this guide to enhance your quiz results with tailored product scoring.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Access Product Match Settings

  • Open Quiz Editor: Log in to your Quizell account and select the quiz you want to edit.
  • Configuration Settings: Navigate to the 'Configuration' tab within the quiz editor.
  • Product Match: Click on 'Product Match' to access the settings where you can manage how products are matched with quiz answers.

Product recommendation quiz

Step 2: Enable Product Score

  • Activate Feature: Look for the option to use Product Score and enable it. This setting allows you to assign custom point values to products based on quiz answers.

Step 3: Assign Custom Points

  • Customize Points: With Product Score enabled, you can now assign specific point values to each product for any given quiz answer. This flexibility allows for more granular control over which products are recommended based on user responses.
  • Value Assignment: Enter the desired point value for each product in relation to different quiz answers. Consider the relevance and importance of each product-answer match when assigning points.

Step 4: Review and Save

  • Finalize Scores: After assigning point values, review your settings to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Save Changes: Ensure all modifications are saved before exiting the quiz editor.


By leveraging the Product Score feature, you can significantly enhance the precision of product recommendations in your Quizell quizzes. This advanced approach ensures that the most relevant products, as determined by their assigned point values, are presented on the results page, aligning closely with user preferences and responses.

Tips for Optimal Scoring:

  • Balance Your Point System: Ensure the point system is balanced and reflects the actual relevance of products to quiz answers.
  • Continuous Adjustment: Periodically review and adjust product scores based on performance and user feedback to maintain the effectiveness of your recommendations.
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