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Segmenting Your Quiz Results with Quizell’s Group products


Enhance the effectiveness of your product recommendations by using Quizell's Group Products feature. This functionality allows for a more organized presentation of recommendations on the results page, separated by product tags or collections. Follow this guide to learn how to implement this feature and create a more tailored results page for your quiz participants.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Match Products

  • Product Matching: First, ensure your products are correctly matched with the quiz answers. For more details on this process, check out our guide on How Our Product Match Works.

Step 2: Configure Group Products

  • Access Results Page: In your quiz editor, navigate to the results page.
  • Group Product Option: Select the ‘Group Product’ option. This allows you to segment your product recommendations.

Step 3: Set Up Segmentation

  • Choose Tags/Collections: Decide on the tags or collections you want to use for segmenting the results. This could be based on product type, features, or any other category relevant to your products.
  • Determine Recommendations: Specify how many products you wish to recommend in each collection or tag grouping.
  • Customize Appearance: Design the look and feel of each segmented recommendation section to align with your brand and the layout of your quiz.


By utilizing the Group Products feature in Quizell, you can create a results page that is not only more visually appealing but also more relevant to your customers' preferences. This segmentation leads to a more personalized experience, potentially increasing the effectiveness of your product recommendations.

Tips for Effective Grouping:

  • Consistent Tagging: Ensure your products are consistently tagged in your inventory to make the grouping seamless.
  • Balance Your Groupings: Avoid having too many or too few products in each group for an optimal user experience.
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