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Segmenting Your Quiz Results with Quizell’s Group products


Group products are an excellent way to segment your quiz results by tag on the result page. This feature allows you to limit each product shown based on tags, and the products displayed come from the product match setup. The name of each tag will be used as the subtitle for each group on the result page. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up group products to enhance your quiz results.

Step-by-Step Guide

Access Your Quizell Account

Log In to Your Quizell Account

  • Sign into your Quizell account and open the quiz you want to customize.

Open the Quiz Editor

  • Navigate to the quiz editor from your dashboard.

Setting Up Group Products

Navigate to the Result Page

  • Go to the result page within the quiz editor.

Add Group Products

  • Click on the 'Group Products' option to start setting up your segmented results.

Configure Group Products

Set Up Tags

  • Define the tags you want to use for segmenting your products. Tags could be based on categories like skin type, age group, preferences, etc.

Assign Products to Tags

  • Ensure that the products are already matched correctly in the product match setup. Group products will use these tags to display the products accordingly.

Limit Product Display

  • Set limits on how many products to show for each tag to ensure the result page is not overcrowded and stays relevant.

Tag Subtitles

  • The name of each tag will be used as the subtitle for each product group on the result page.

Example of Usage

For a skincare quiz:

  • Tags: Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin
  • Products: Products assigned to these tags will appear under respective subtitles on the result page.

Save Your Configuration

Save Changes

  • Make sure to save your changes after configuring the group products.

Preview Your Quiz

  • Preview the quiz to ensure that the group products are displaying correctly based on user responses.

Important Note

This feature is available only for high-tier plans. To check your plan and explore our pricing options, please visit our pricing page.


Segmenting your quiz results using Quizell’s Group Products feature allows for a more organized and targeted display of recommendations. By using tags and limiting the number of products shown, you can provide a personalized and clutter-free result page.

Additional Tips

Clear Tag Definitions

  • Ensure that the tags you use are clear and relevant to the quiz questions and user responses.

Test Your Quiz

  • Always test the quiz to verify that the group products are segmented correctly and enhance the user experience.
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