What is Score Quiz and how does it work?

"Score Quiz" allows you to calculate (and display) quiz scores.
You can access the "Score Quiz" tab that is located under the settings icon (top right corner of the screen).
You are now able to score (numeric only) each answer option.

The score will sum up and will be available for any customer that finished under the "See Results" option (located in the "Analyze" section-> "Leads").

The Score Quiz option will sum up the scores from both single and multiple choice questions.
For example:
If Q1 has 3 different answers options- A, B and C.
And under the "Score Quiz" we will give them the following score:
A - 10
B - 5
C - 1

In case of a single question:
If a customer chose A, his score will be 10.

In case of multiple questions:
If a customer chose A and B, his score will be 15.

In order to show our customers the final score on the results page, all you need to do is to write %score% in the headline.

As for now, it is not possible to match products based on score ranges.